Sunday, 24 June 2012

My first trip looms. ( at long last )

Hi guys,

Well, it's my maiden voyage tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to it. I was worried in case I found driving, or more to the point REVERSING, difficult in the camper, I only have a little car. Honestly though, it's great, folk just get out of the way :)  Seriously, I reversed it into my tight parking bay no problem, and then into the bay at the storage place. I even landed the wheels on four paving slabs,  whoop. Must get used to the jargon though, the man directing me was foreign I think. Hard right down, little left, hard right down, ease off, come on..... seriously, WHAT?    I feel so liberated though, might burn my bra. ( oh, that's been done hasn't it. )

I only hope I can get to grips with the rest of the van. I know they do a handover, but honestly, how much of all that was I supposed to digest. Flick this switch for the pump, that one for the hot water, this for the fridge when travelling, then this one when parked, that one for....... Oh, and if you want to run on mains do all this instead.  Ahhhh...... When he got round to the third option, running on gas, I think he noticed the glazed look.

Thank god I'm used to researching things THOROUGHLY before attempting them. Once a nurse.......   Some would say it's quite sad, but do I care, nooooo....... I now know how to empty the loo, put up the freestanding awning, prime the heater, etc, etc,  isn't utube fab?

So, just the last minute things then,

Insurance - check.
Breakdown service - check.
Tax - check
Van cleaned inside and out - check
Satnav - check
Telly - check   ( have to get your priorities right)
Grub - check
Clean nickers - check

Think that's about everything, see you when I get back, thanks for popping by.

Wish me luck,

Jools.  xxx

1 comment:

  1. oh wow great stuff... bet you are soo excited .
    If it hadn;t have rained we would have been away this weekend in our camper.

    Have a fabulous time..

    Can't wait to hear all about it
    Lisa x