Thursday, 28 June 2012

My first trip of many, many more, on the Norfolk Coast.

Hellooooooo, I'm back,

What a fabulous time me and my sis had, I didn't want to come home. Unfortunately, we had to. What a life, I could just go off and then stop when the fancy took me. My family always said I have gypsy blood.

So, how did we manage on the maiden voyage and where have we been?  No problamo, no problamo, no problamo and to the Norfolk coast. How beautiful. We pay all that money to travel abroad to see the wonderful scenery, when really it's all on our own doorstep. England is quite breathtaking, and I've only just started exploring. I know, we go for the sun, but the weather has been beautiful this week, I have the burnt nose and white panda eyes to prove it.  It was probably the wind, talking of wind.......  No, I won't go into that, but all I have to say is that a camper is quite a small enclosed space.  :)  

We stayed at a camp site called ' Woodhill Park', near Cromer, which has the most spactacular panoramic views of the sea. How breathtaking is this? The picture was taken just a few hundred yards from the site. Unfortunately there is no way down to the beach. The nearest beach access is about a mile treck to nearby West Runton. You can just see it in the distance,  There are lots of coastal footpaths to treck along,  but you need comfy boots or trainers, and if you get a bit tired, there's a great coastal hopper service. So, walk there, bus back. Simples.

The actual campsite is perched, more or less, on the top of a cliff. This picture was taken from the same spot as the sea view, so not far away from the cliffs. The facilities at the site were very good, but it was very quiet and I wouldn't want to take kids there. It was nearly too quiet for me. I don't know if I'd be comfortable being so close to the cliffs with kids. 

This shot was taken of the countryside, looking inland, again from the same spot. I think it may be the tailend of West Runton.

So, what did I learn?

1 - Don't try to light a disposable bar-b-que with a lighter. What happens? You get burnt fingers and end up in a BAD mood. ( have HUGE cooks matches now)

2 - Take some ear plugs to cut out any strange background noises. Any noise out of the ordinary, so to speak and I just lay there, getting more and more demented, ask my sis, she'll vouch for that.

3 - Remember to take the camera. Visited some lovely places and couldn't take a single pickie. Cromer pier was lovely, that deserved a photo. So did a few other places.

4 - REMEMBER THE SUN TAN LOTION, even if it has been raining for three months.

5 - .............there isn't a five. It was easy and if any ladies out there are wondering if they can do it, well the short answer is, YES, you CAN. ( but expect to struggle when you get back in your car, I felt like my bum was on the road.)

Hope you tune in for my next adventure, which is in three weeks time. This time it's a bit more of a challenge, we're going to North Devon. A place called 'Damage Barton', which is situated between 'Woolacombe' and 'Ilfracombe'. Can't wait. ( I have a funny feeling I may go off before then though)
Must put the awning up for that trip, more space.

Thanks for popping by and happy camping. ( that's if you are a camper, and if not, why not? ) But have a nice day anyway.

Jools.  xxx


  1. oh so glad you had a fabulous time.. i wish i had known you were going to Norfolk.. i would have told you to call for Fish and Chips in Hunstanton - it belongs to a fellow blogger and crafter .. who is now a very special friend .. hence we visit Hunstanton quite a bit .. and were in Cromer ourselves in March..
    And how jealous am i that you are going near Woolacombe..we used to go a lot when my daughter was young.. its her favourite place and on the list for us to go in our camper ..

    Good news today .. ours passed its MOT .. so we have a summer of trips to look forward to.

    Did you craft whilst you were away .. i take my stiff with me .. but have such a good time i never get an done lol

    Fab pics..
    Lisa x

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for all your lovely comments. I didn't take any craft stuff this time, was too pre-occupied. Will def for the Devon one, AND my lap top. Though like you, doubt I'll get any done.

      Great news about your van, looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

      Jools xx

  2. Love the details.I was busy filling in the bits yuo left to our imagination, including the Fish and Chips in Hunstanton. What a coincidence that Lisa should mention that.Think crafting might be a bit messy.Leave that at home ive tried to take it on the boat a couple of times but really its good to do soemthing else isnt it.
    Continue to enjoy. See you tomorrow.Did you see what ive put about the Tornado.Shocking!

  3. Why dont i spellcheck before I press send instead of at the same time. I just notice the mistakes as i press the button.