Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cromer with the crankies.

Hi guys',

Now I want you all to picture this........

It's one o'clock in the morning and the whole campsite's been in bed since ten. It's very dark and deathly quiet and we're tip toeing along a gravel road, in flip flops, as quietly as we can.  It doesn't help the fact that we've had a couple or so glasses of cider and my best mate is wearing a leopard skin Bet Lynch dressing gown to boot.

Well, needless to say, we were far from quiet. I can hear you all asking what we were doing. We can't have been coming back from the pub, not with Deb in her Bet Lynch dressing gown. I suppose the best place to start would be the beginning.

Deb and me have been best buddies for thirty odd years now and we both decided we were going to have a camping experience, on our tod, no men, just us, so we'd both have to muck in. You could say Deb and me are a bit like two peas out of the same pod, a very odd pod, but never the less, we do like the same things. Now I forgot that three trips already makes me a seasoned camper, so to speak. I had a feeling this was gonna be a strange three days.

There's one strict rule in the van, NO SOLIDS in the loo. I did however mention though, that if it was an emergency, the person who dealt it had to deal with it, so to speak. Well, when Deb actually saw what that would entail, she decided she wouldn't be doing any of that. Hence the one o'clock run. Now I don't remember promising to walk across to the toilet block at whatever ungodly hour it was, at all, but Deb insists I did. Needless to say, there were many more trips to the loo.

She was more than happy to muck in and fill the water tanks and I must admit she was a good reversing director. But could I get her out of her jeans, could I heck. The weather was lovely, a bit cool, but lovely. The sun was shining and in the sun it was hot.

'Come on Deb, get your cut offs on and we'll go for a walk on the beach'

That wasn't going to happen. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. We had a lovely walk, along the cliffs to West Runton then down onto the beach to East Runton, where we'd be able to get back up to the road toreturn to the campsite. About three miles in all, it was lovely.

This is the lifeboat station, with Deb having a quick breather before we traverse the HUGE hill, to get into East Runton.

I love the Norfolk coast, the beaches are lovely and clean and they're all dog friendly. This is the view from East Runton, pointing towards Cromer. You can just see the pier in the distance, that was to be our destination tomorrow. No buses for us.

We had a lovely evening. After our late tea we got snuggled up in our jim jams and settled down to watch a movie. We were going to watch 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' trilogy. One for each night.  I think we got to sleep about two in the morning and Deb was up with the larks at six. OMG. I knew she doesn't sleep much, but four hours!!!!

Next day she decided she wasn't going to be a chicken and actually put on her cut offs. I couldn't resist a photo of her. I think it was the stripey socks with the flowery ballet pumps that did it. 

Bless!!!!!!   ;)

I wasn't going anywhere with her looking like that, so I relented and on went the jeans again. I wonder if she did it on purpose?

It was a great walk, very bracing. It was a bit windier today, but me being seasoned now, ahem, I'd still worn my cut offs. I was to regret that later. We took a few pickies and chatted to people who were walking along the beach with their dogs. I even bent down to stroke a cute little thing and got bitten on the nose for my trouble. Honest. It didn't mean to, as I went down, it came up and its teeth connected with my nose. It could only happen to me.

 We got to Cromer about lunch time, it was a nice walk, about two miles. We were either going to be fitter when we got home, or buggered. On four hours sleep, I knew what I was going to be. So we had a good look around the town, a bit of lunch and a beer on the pier and then decided to head back about three. The weather was changing and we were determined we were going to walk.

By the time we got down onto the beach to head back to East Runton, the wind had really got up. We were walking into a head wind and the sand was being whipped up along the beach, right into our faces. My legs felt as though they were being sandblasted. That'll teach me, eh. Deb was a bit smug at this point.

We got back to the van about six and were absolutley knacked. We felt like we'd walked ten miles, not the five we actually had. We felt invigorated though, nacked, but invigorated. Needless to say, we didn't do much that night. We ached all over and my legs were raw.

We decided not to much the next day, quite honestly we were both too exhausted. So we sat by the van with our kindles ( and a few glasses of pink cider, yum yum ) and had a nice relaxing day. We were going into East Runton for the curry night at the local pub later, so we were quite happy to doss.

Well we had a fab three days. Deb is now a seasoned camper and can't wait to go again. As for me, I go again next week with my two grandsons. They'll love it there, loads of rock pools for them to explore in. Hope it's not too cold. Think perhaps the xbox will have to accompany us for that trip.

Thanks for popping by, hope you're enjoying my camper capers and do come again.


Jools.  xxx


  1. oh the pics and stories are fab. I was in Cromer on that very pier in March... so they brought back fab memories.
    We are off to Blackpool in Bonnie at the weekend to see my daughter

  2. That's great Jools very funny and easy to picture. Sounds like you had a great time. Xxx