Monday, 9 June 2014

It's been a long time coming, but here's Bella.

Hi Guys',

Well, not one single post last year and this is my first this year. Where did all my good intentions go?
Well I have a little bit of an excuse and she's called Bella.

And here she is.  I decided that it would be lovely to have a little dog to keep me company in the van and to take for lovely walks while away. It all sounded great in theory and it was ok in practice really, except, nobody told me my whole camping experience would change.

She's a cocker-poo and the most adorable, cute little thing you could imagine, apart from being a 'Monkey on a Stick'. I got it sussed in the van though. She was crate trained right from the word go, so I took it with me in the camper and when I got fed up with her jumping all over ( me) in the crate she went. Much to her disgust, I might add.

She looks like lady muck in this photo, all indignant with her paws crossed. She was ok though, honest. She did go to sleep, eventually.

Can you spot the training pad, yes, she was piddling EVERYWHERE, including the van. It was a nightmare, she could squeeze under the seat and piddle, she was so tiny. I had to put barricades up everywhere, needless to say, I didn't have a lot to report in my blog. Unless you wanted to here about a piddling, pooing machine. I was up at six every morning, standing outside the van waiting for her to piddle, then in for a cuppa and over to the field for her to poo. It sounds horrendous doesn't it. IT WAS.  Only kidding.

I kept pretty local last summer, so that me and Bella could get used to the van in a familiar place. Guess where, yup,  Cromer. Don't know how many times I've been there now but I do love it and so does my new buddy. Especially the big meadow, she used to disappear in the long grass, all I could see was this little black and white head bobbing up, as she gambolled in the long grass.  She even met a friend.

Meet Bindy, these two absolutely loved each other. Bindy belonged to Jeff and Madeline, a couple me and my sister met at Cromer. We met up three times that year, twice with Sue and a week on my own. I love camping on my own, but it was nice to share a few drinks at night with some fellow campers. This photo was taken by me. I just loved the cute way the dogs were playing, so I ran in the van , grabbed my phone, and sort of came down the step backwards. My foot slipped through, but my body kept going and I ended up sprawled all over the grass. I even impressed myself at the sheer speed I bounced back up and still took the photo. I felt such a plonker. Sue, Jeff and Madeline roared with laughter. Not nice people.

This next picture shows one of the ways to tame the grand kids and the dog while away. I knew that net would come in handy. ;)   My grandsons love it in the van, even more so, now that they have a dog to play with. 

By the end of the season, Bella was behaving in a much more civilised manner ( that's code for doing as she was told ). We found a routine that worked and all was ( becoming ) well.

Had to finish off with a beautiful sunset. Isn't it gorgeous.

Well thanks for stopping by, I apologise for my tardiness but you see, Polly has GONE.  Boo hoo.  I decided to downsize as it was getting a bit expensive running two vehicles and having to pay storage for the van too. So I sold her a couple of months ago and have been browsing ever since. I'm now LOOKING IN EARNEST,  because I didn't realise I'd miss Polly so much. I'm feeling a bit stir crazy, especially since this lovely weather happened.

Anyway, here's the one I'm hoping to buy, I go to see it Wednesday. I've already seen one, so I know the interior has plenty of room. It's another Auto Sleeper, of course, they are such quality vans, I was really spoilt with Polly.  I'll keep you all posted.

I'll need an awning to make up for loss of space, one I can put up myself. Should be fun learning how, I'm going to get a blow up one. I thought my Daughter was joking when she told me about them, but oh no, they're definitely blow up.

Well thank you for dropping by and reading my blog. Do come again to see what me and Bella get up to in my new van. I need a new name now, any suggestions?



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