Saturday, 28 June 2014

Still no name for my new camper.

Hi Guys',

Well I bought one. I didn't think I'd be long, I've missed my trips in Polly soooo much, but for the life of me I can't think of a name. I even toyed with P2. My Sister's reaction to that was -

'What a stupid name'.

 I didn't think it was that bad. So come on guys', get your thinking caps on.

Anyway, the van I went to see, the 300 mile round trip one I mentioned in my last post, was as rotten as a pear. They say not to judge a book by its cover don't they? Well the van and the picture were a bit of a mismatch. It took me over three hours to get there and within five minutes I was heading back, from LANCASHIRE. I bet the guy thought he was going to pull the wool over my eyes, me being a female on my own and all that. How wrong was he.

' The sills have had a new coat of underseal, it looks nice and smart. ' said he.

Hmmmm. His face was a picture when I dropped to my knees and felt UNDER the van at the inner sill, the bit he hadn't undersealed. His face was an even better picture when loads of rust fell on the floor. The grey gunk all unevenly squirted around the back panel was also a bit of a give away. When I asked him if it had had a leak, his reply was -

'No, I think it was just done as a precaution.'

Well of course it was, people always squirt ugly grey stuff all over their camper as a precaution. I don't know WHY I bothered, but I asked if I could see inside. Well I had driven a long way. As soon as the door slid back I could smell the damp. You remember the precautionary sealer on the outside?

The carpets were filthy and stained, the upholstery faded and dingy and when I looked in the bathroom and pulled the sink down, which was all cracked and nearly falling off, it was my cue to exit.

I was a bit fed up on the drive home and VERY HOT. It was a beautiful day, but when you're in a car and feeling a tad pee'd off, it's not good. I was so annoyed that the man had let me drive all that way, knowing the van was rubbish. Unscrupulous comes to mind. Oh well, I still had three more on my list.

The next one was in Kidderminster, another three hour journey. I was hoping the weather was a bit cooler, and thankfully it was. That meant I had some company for the journey, my big sis. She couldn't come on Wednesday when it was hot, because she stayed to look after the dogs. Yep, she's got one too. It's gonna be fun in the camper, 'cos Mickie is a BOY and he's just beginning to feel his feet. He keeps trying to ( ahem ) hump Bella. He doesn't care which bit, head, back, leg, whichever, he won't leave her alone. He's for the chop in August and Bella in September, so all should be well then.

Well, again it only took five minutes to make my mind up. In fact, I don't think it took that long. No under seal to cover rotten sills this time, or ugly grey stuff around the panels. It was lovely. Inside was even better, as soon as the door slid open that lovely camper smell wafted out. For those of you with campers, you know the smell I mean, and for those who haven't, I don't think I can describe it. My sister said that my face lit up.

And without further ado here it is. Yes, I bought it.

What a difference, this is a much loved van.

The interior is spotless.

The couple I bought the van from were so lovely, and very genuine. See the rubber seal that's loose on the oven door, it was stuck in place by the time I went to pick it up on the Friday. They even agreed to meet me half way, so I didn't have as far to travel. Mick was straight with me, he showed me all the paperwork and service history and pointed out the bad bits.

So we went on the bus to Peterborough, then the train to Nuneaton where they were going to meet us with the van. Can't remember the last time I used either mode of transport, it was great fun. Mick and Linda were waiting at the station to meet us when we arrived. The van was parked in the nearby Asda car park and it was incredibly busy, I'd no idea Nuneaton was so big. I consider myself to be a good driver and I'd had two years in Polly, no trouble, but I was a bit nervous of getting into a new vehicle and trying to negotiate in the busy traffic, so I chickened out and asked Mick to drive the van to the outskirts to make the swap.

Anyway, it drove home lovely, took to it like a duck to water. The radio didn't work though, and neither did the cigarette lighter, my sat nav went flat, turned out to be the fuse. Simples.

All my things are now in the van and I've bought a blow up awning, which I think is a must have. I'll be travelling mostly on my own with Bella, but it will still be nice to have the extra room. Especially if  Sue, or my Grand children join me. As it is I've had to trim the things I'll be taking with me, this van is quite a bit smaller than Polly was, but...... I can park it at home.
Here's the awning, a Vanga Airway Kela.  According to the video on you tube, it can be put up by one person. We'll see.

So, the van's clean, equipped and has an awning. It's on charge today, just to make sure the leisure battery is ok, and then I'm off.

Thanks for coming by and do come again and read the continuing saga.




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